History of HealthNet connect

In 2007, UnityPoint Health created a business concept named "HealthNet connect" to provide access to a privately owned fiber optic network for the electronic exchange of health information. The multi-state network would be the foundation for the health care industry to improve health care and lower costs by utilizing technology to facilitate the interoperability and information-sharing among health care providers, service organizations, vendors, and patients. HealthNet connect became a sustainable business entity by leveraging the available fiber purchased by UnityPoint Health in 2005; securing available stimulus funding from Federal and State government grants; creating a health care consortium; and delivering value-added eHealth services to the participants of HealthNet connect.

In 2009 HNc Services Inc. was created to provide and facilitate the provisioning of goods and services over the HealthNet connect network. HNc Services is responsible for addressing the broadband and technology services needs of the HealthNet connect participants.

HealthNet connect has grown into the most expansive healthcare consortium's in the nation. Serving more than 250 hospitals and clinics across multiple states in the mid-west. Our success is grounded in being a full service, one stop shop for our participant's eHealth and healthcare IT needs.