Our Advantage


"Our mission is to integrate new business concepts and related technologies seamlessly within your organization. As your business partner and technology adviser, we will provide the best services, support and infrastructure enabling your healthcare organization, school, government and business entity to make a difference in the lives of the communities you serve."

Values and Value Statement

  • Being a trusted & knowledgeable advisor to our communities on their broadband and technology needs
  • Using our Infrastructure as our foundation
                   our privately owned 3,200+ mile fiber optic network 
                   our HIPAA compliant Data Center Infrastructure
  • Using proprietary tools, processes and trusted partners to guide our decisions
  • Ensuring best in class service delivery & support for our clients
  • Ensuring the best investments are made and are producing the highest ROI
  • Being a "one stop shop" for our communities
  • Being Community Focused
  • Bringing enterprise broadband and technology solutions to the communities we serve

Value Statement:  We are focused on being trusted and knowledgeable advisors, using our infrastructure, tools and partners to deliver best in class service, produce the highest ROI and being a one stop shop to the communities we serve.

Leading The Way

HNcBNc are leaders in rural hospital and business class technology solutions.

A wholly owned subsidiary of the 4th largest non-denominational Health Care organization in the country, UnityPoint Health, and with our extensive fiber network and data center infrastructure, we have the experience and expertise to provide both communication and IT services to a wide array of industries (Hospitals, Businesses, Education, and Local Government).


We will work hard to earn your business and it is our practice to forge deep, long-term relationships with our members and clients. Our members and clients refer to us as their "IT Department" and tell us that they feel we are a part of their team. We will work to understand your business model and needs and help you be strategic in leveraging technology to grow your business and become more efficient while doing so. We also understand that cost is a major part of the IT equation and are committed to providing some of the most competitive prices in the industry. When you partner with HNcBNc, you will not get just an Account Manager assigned to your organization, you will get an entire IT organization.